Thursday, June 30, 2011

ICFP 2011: Results

After many hours of hard work, we finally got the results ... and took place 192 out of 199! Though this may sound terrible, and it is, it is better than last year, in which we tied for last with 0 points because the competition was so devilishly hard. This year, we got a total of 68 points. Considering a win was worth 6 points, and a tie was pretty rare, this probably means we won 11 games and tied 2. There was a total of 198 games, so that's a pretty miserable win/loss ratio. In retrospect, I think our biggest problem was that we targeted the most used slots in hope of breaking them, but we didn't really kill slots fast enough. If we had the time we should have made use of some of the higher functions, especially zombie. Unfortunately our schedules really conflicted with ICFP this year, so we weren't really able to all get together and get a solid few days of work done on it. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results, because there are some pretty experienced programmers in this competition, and to even have placed above any teams at all is a pretty good accomplishment.