Sunday, January 31, 2010

1.6 Release

A new update has just been released to the android market: Element Works Beta, version 1.6. This update contained:

New Elements:

-Preference Screen, background can now be changed to either white or black

Bug Fix:
-Screen can now be flipped in preferences. This will make the game draw on many 2.0 ROMs for the G1 that had issues before, and may fix drawing for the HTC Tattoo as well (EDIT: confirmed).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

v1.5.5 is out!!

Our most recent update, v1.5.5, was published last night! In this version we:
-Made Oil lighter so that it is easier to see against the background
-Made toggling size not clear the screen
-Made pressing Home and then going back into the app not clear the screen

Because this update did not include much, we felt that it did not deserve a whole version to itself, so we named it 1.5.5, because we plan on making a full update next week (v1.6) with added elements with many new functions! We just wanted to get out what we had so far after making our breakthrough with solving the clearing screen issue (that one took us a while). Hope y'all enjoy it!

Send us Feedback please!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1.5 Released

Last Sunday, we released the 1.5 update to the Android Market and forgot to update the blog. The update contained oil, made ice a stationary element, and changed the movement of liquids. Various minor bug fixes were also included. Tomorrow we hope to update with a fix for the reset issue when switching to another application and coming back.

-IDKJava Team

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1.4 Released

Alpha 2, Version 1.4 has been released on both the android market and the SlideME market.


-Ice freezes water slower
-Fire has longer lifetime
-Fixed reset on screen blackout
-Added one slot save/load
-Added exit button
-Increased generation of particles by generator element
-Fixed landscape mode on high resolution screens (Droid,Nexus One)

Planned features for next update:

-New element: Oil
-Possibly change ice to stationary instead of falling
-More save game slots

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update: v1.3 is out!

Our New Year's Resolution was to work more on programming and get more updates out, and we have succeeded so far! This is the second update of the new year, we hope you enjoy it!

New in this update:
-Added Generator

Our new element is called Generator. It is very similar to the element "Clone" in the Powder Game. Basically, when a particle collides with it, it is "set" to that particle. Then it will randomly produce that particle in nearby empty spaces. It also sets all the Generators around it, so a line of Generators will usually all be set to the same element, unless two elements were set at different points on the line at roughly the same time. We hope Generator will exponentially increase the complexity and enjoyment of our game!

As always, enjoy and send us feedback via email!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update: v1.2 is out!

We managed to get another update out! This update added in the element ice and fixed a bug when a fire particle hit the top.

Enjoy, and as always, we want feedback!!