Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update: v1.3 is out!

Our New Year's Resolution was to work more on programming and get more updates out, and we have succeeded so far! This is the second update of the new year, we hope you enjoy it!

New in this update:
-Added Generator

Our new element is called Generator. It is very similar to the element "Clone" in the Powder Game. Basically, when a particle collides with it, it is "set" to that particle. Then it will randomly produce that particle in nearby empty spaces. It also sets all the Generators around it, so a line of Generators will usually all be set to the same element, unless two elements were set at different points on the line at roughly the same time. We hope Generator will exponentially increase the complexity and enjoyment of our game!

As always, enjoy and send us feedback via email!!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds nice. And familiar... I only found this because it had "Powder Game" in it. So, let me get the straight. You made a FSG for Android? Sounds awesome.