Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alpha Release!

The Alpha Release of our Falling Sand Game comes out today! Go download it via your Android Phone for FREE! Tell us what you think, what we need to work on, and most of all, enjoy!

A few things to note about the alpha release:
1. It is an alpha release, meaning that it has very basic functionality, and is not intended to completely accomplish the task. The point is to get the game and our name out there, so that you are aware that this is in development, and to get your input on it
2. It runs very slowly! As it says in the message when you run our game, it is very processor intensive, thus you may need to close other programs using your processing power before running it, and depending on the processor in your phone, it may run really slow and choppy. This is one of the main issues we are devoting our time to.
3. It only has Sand and Water! As we have stated above, it is an alpha release, and once we accomplish Step 2 and have it running fast, we plan to develop more types of sand, our first task being to develop fire, as that is one of the main tenets of our Falling Sand Game

For those of you who do go out and download this and contribute to its development, thank you all!

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