Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update: v1.8

v1.8 is out! Only one thing was changed in this update: the UI. We did our best to make this into a much more user-friendly app, and hopefully we succeeded. In this latest update, we added in two bars, one on top of the screen, and one below.

On the top, most of the options that used to reside in the options menu are now in the forms of buttons above. The buttons in order are: Eraser(toggle), Play/Pause(toggle), Save, Load, Load Demo, and Exit. The first two buttons are labelled toggle because they alternate between two states. In the case of the Eraser button, it starts of deselected, but when you press it, it gets highlighted in red, and the current element is switched to an eraser. When you press it again, it goes back to deselected and your previous element becomes the current one again. The Play/Pause button toggles between being in Play mode and Pause mode, with the button showing what mode it will go to when you click it. The other buttons are pretty straight-forward.

On the bottom, there is one button and a slider next to it. The button has a palette symbol and functions as the new element picker. The slider is the new brush size picker, allowing you to easily change the size without having to go into the menu every time you wanted to make a slight change.

Even though most of the options were taken out of the options menu, a few were left, namely: Clear Screen, Toggle Size, and Preferences. The one change we made to this part was that for each of these that were left, we added in icons to just make it look nice!

Hopefully you will enjoy these new features! If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, or just praise, send us an email:

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