Monday, May 24, 2010

Code Jam!

In other news: both of us competed in Google's Code Jam 2010. Code Jam is a timed programming competition, in which you are given problems and have to write code quickly to solve them. Both of us got past the Qualification Round, but we struggled in Round 1 because it was significantly shorter and we both had other events that cut into it. Not to mention, in the last sub-round, lack of sleep managed to knock out Ryan, but Gurtej progressed to the next round.

If you want to see our placements, you can view the our scores in all the rounds. Gurtej registered as "looterguf" and Ryan registered as "choochoo".

Unfortunately, neither of us would have been able to compete in the next round anyways because it conflicts with our SATs. Our next competition is going to be the International Problem Solving Competition on June 6 for which we will be a team under the name IDKJava. In the meantime, we will continue our development of our next Android app, and hopefully release more elements.


  1. Hey there, fellows. I love the app, and I DL the updates when they come out, so I was wondering if you could post a "custom Element tutorial" for all of us hopelessly braindead users(hah hah).

  2. It doesn't work right now Ryan, that's why you can't figure it out x). We will have it working soon, we just are encountering finals and end of the year projects right now so progress is slowed.