Thursday, July 8, 2010

Open Source!

Both Gurtej and I are huge opensource supporters. We both use Ubuntu Linux as our main OS on our computer, and use Android on our phones. We proud to say that as of yesterday, our project, The Elements, has been opensourced! You can now find the project here, on Google Code. This means that now everyone can see and use the code we have written for The Elements. The only thing we ask is that if you port it to a closed system (iPhone, Windows), please make the application a paid app. On open systems (Android, Linux), please make it a free app. Thanks!

If you want to contribute, there are a few things that we need. First off, if someone who is knowledgeable in C/Java wants to help make our code neater and more organized we definitely need that. There are a number of tasks that I have in mind if any other programmers want to help as well. If you are skilled in art, we need someone to make a better icon, buttons for the main menu, an eraser button for the UI, and a better background for loading screen and main page.

If you're not skilled in programming or art, we also have a few things there as well. The most useful thing is reporting bugs, and testing. When you report bugs, try to post the exact steps to follow to reproduce the bug if possible. Bugs with vague descriptions such as: "It crashes sometimes when C4 is used" are not very helpful since they are hard to reproduce and determine exactly what is the problem. A better bug report would be: "When I place C4 on the bottom left edge of the screen in zoomed mode, and then place magma along the upper left edge, when the two react and the C4 explodes, the game crashes without a force close button." That allows us to look into the problem and place debug calls to find out what is happening.

Another thing we need is people to write out information for our game. We need people to fill the wiki, make a better help page for the game, and help translate the game. Anything else you can think of to help would be great as well!

-IDKJava Team

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  1. Hey guys, this is "Youanden", just so you know, your svn repository isn't set up correctly--or, rather, it is, but you just haven't updated it with your code. haha.